Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selfish asshole with two jobs ruining the economy

You lousy, self-centered prick.

You couldn't stop yourself, could you? A couple of hungry kids and some unpaid medical bills and suddenly you think you have the right to go out and 'provide for your family'?


You weren't satisfied with just one job? 50 hours a week wasn't enough for you? You had to run out and take a second gig, knowing full well it means that some other poor sap won't have one as a result?

It's all me, me, me with you isn't it?

Did you ever stop to think about the needs of that chump whose job you just stole? He has a family too. He probably has medical bills as well—it's tough to stay healthy when you can't afford a decent meal every day.

Maybe it's time you owned up and recognized that you are the problem. You are the one keeping this economy from catching fire again. You and all of the countless pricks just like you, taking on extra work that could be done by any number of our 14 million unemployed.

So what'll it be, bucco? Are you gonna stay the selfish course and continue driving our economy into the ground or will you do the right thing and relinquish your second job so that someone more deserving can have it and become a productive member of society again?

I don't wanna hear any whining about those incessant calls from creditors or those untended illnesses that keep your kids out of school for weeks at a time. I don't wanna hear about those belligerent bankers who keep knocking on your door, threatening foreclosure.

Just shut the fuck up and give someone else a chance at the American Dream you seem so intent on hogging.

It's the least you can do. Asshole.

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