Monday, January 17, 2011

Capitalism is not conservative

Take 300 million people. Mix in about 15 Trillion bucks. Now let those 300 million go after that 15 trillion like a pack of wild dogs to a truckload of brisket.

That's pretty much how our economy works. And generally, it works reasonably well. But the one thing it most certainly is not, is conservative.

History has shown that man's drive for another dollar is virtually without restraint. And why not? With that additional dollar comes the embedded promise of more sex, more travel, more fun and a generally more awesome life.

Not that that's always how things turn out, but that's definitely the way we like to spin things here in America.

So not surprisingly, we fight tooth and nail for every last penny. Only the strongest survive. If you're inherently smarter? You've got a leg up. Better looking? Another leg up. Well connected family? Two more legs up. And the reverse holds true as well. If you're a poor, not-so-intelligent, ugly person from an ordinary family? Sorry Quasimodo, but you're gonna have a pretty tough time of it.

Now, that's not to say you won't make it big if you face those obstacles, but wow, people will be shocked when you do. Just look at how the world reacted when they realized that Susan Boyle woman could actually sing. Do you really think she would've received the same reaction if she looked like Christina Aguilera? Not likely.

Point is, capitalism chews people up and spits them out every day. For all the winners you read about in People Magazine or Fast Company, there are an equal if not greater amount of losers.

Which is why, being the generally kind-spirited human beings that we are, we created a safety net to care for those who either fall through the cracks or quite simply don't have the necessary tools to succeed in our flawed system.

It's a pretty conservative approach, really. Allow people to work or run businesses, with a virtually limitless upward income potential. In return, we ask you to take some of that money you earn and put it into the kitty to care for those who haven't been so fortunate. Perhaps one day you'll need to dip into that rainy day fund. If you think you are above it, you're kidding yourself.

But despite the conservative nature of a well-funded safety net, it is political conservatives who cry the loudest for it's repeal. Unemployment benefits? Find a job you lazy shit! Health care? Stop getting sick fatso! Food stamps? You'll probably just use the money for crack!

Ironically, these same politicians and pundits who call poorer people lazy, fat, drug addicts are usually the laziest, fattest, drug riddled mother fuckers around. How many of these douches have ever had a real job? How many can even see their damn dicks without looking in a mirror and holding their guts up? And how many of these a-holes are caught partying with a pound of coke up their nose? Usually, with a 16-year-old intern stashed away in the closet as well.

If you're truly a conservative, then be one. Be in favor of a reasoned, careful approach to capitalism that rewards success sufficiently but also takes care of those who don't quite make it.

If you want to keep pushing your Randian philosophy, fine. Just accept the fact that you are not a conservative. You're just a selfish dick.

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