Sunday, January 23, 2011

Was Jesus a dick?

Jesus must've been a real asshole. How else can you explain all the ridiculous shit people do and say in his name? Killing gays, bombing abortion clinics, and now this.

A teacher in Ohio has decided that burning crosses into his students' skin was a great way to help them "understand science with the discerning eye of Christian doctrine."

Pardon the pun but Jesus Fucking Christ! Are you serious? This "I love Jesus so I have free reign to do whatever crazy ass shit I want" crap has got to stop.

I know you can find a bible passage that'll confirm just about any whacked out idea that pops into your tiny skull but would it kill these freaks to focus on some of the good shit?

All of the stuff that might actually do our country some good seems to get dismissed by most self-proclaimed Jesus lovers.

That whole turn the other cheek thing? What am I a pussy?

That whole give your money away thing? What am I a commie?

That whole 'he who is without sin shall cast the first stone' thing? Doesn't say anything about guns, so I'm cool with that one I guess.

That whole love your enemies thing? Gay.

That whole do unto others thing? Really gay.

And so we end up focusing on the shit that makes people fearful and angry. People use Jesus as a crutch for their own insecurities. It is not enough to state your argument. You must quote scripture to support your case and guilt people into agreeing with you.

Well guess what? It's time to turn the tables. Because for every 'God hates fags' quote you find, I can find 10 quotes that say you should love those very same fags with the whole of your blackened, withered soul. So I'm gonna start pushing scripture right back up your ass. And you're gonna like it.


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