Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby it's cold outside, global warming must be a hoax

Okay, who can tell me the difference between New York and Earth? C'mon, show of hands now. Aha! I knew you could do it.

Too bad this schmuck can't.

Bill O'Reilly has a 'call into Al Gore' to help him understand how New York can be going through a snowy winter at the same time we are experiencing global warming. Hmmm, let's ponder this for a nanosecond. Last time I checked, New York accounted for about .025% of the earth's total square mileage. Now, I'm not a math major, but I have to imagine that it would take an exceptional drop in temperature in New York to even make a dent in the average global number.

But from where Bill O'Reilly stands, we are clearly in the middle of an ice age.

Now, unlike most of his compatriots over at Fox, I actually believe that Bill has a bit of gray matter floating around in that fat skull of his. So I have to think he's either being disingenuous with the whole "holy shit it's snowing, there's no global warming" bit or he's recently been hit in the head.

I also think he must have an awfully short memory. Because, by his same logic, we were in the midst of severe global warming just last summer in New York. Remember that Billy? It was about 92 degrees for 3 straight months from June through August.

But guess what? As much as I wish that little bit of info would actually prove the existence of global warming and shut these idiots up once and for all, it proves absolutely nothing.

Because the other thing that climate change deniers just don't seem to grasp is the difference between 'weather' and 'climate'. We can experience a cold spell and still be in the midst of a warming period. Too put it simply is weather is what's happening right now, while climate is what's been happening for years.

I have to wonder if climate change deniers freak out every time the weather changes. "It's been raining for two days straight, holy shit, it's gonna rain forever!" "Oh wait, now it's been sunny for week! Guess we live in a land of eternal sunshine!" "Hey! It's foggy, why is the world covered in fog now?"

Now, I would love to point and laugh at these dimwits all day, but unfortunately there are enough people who think like them to bring down the whole process of addressing climate change. How can we fix something if people don't even believe it's real?

It's gotten so bad that President Obama didn't even mention global warming in his State of the Union speech. Which is understandable, given how divisive the issue is. But it's also completely unacceptable.

Because if the leader of the world's 2nd largest polluter, a man who actually believes in climate change, can't muster up the guts to speak about it, we're fucked.

But hey, my thermometer says it's only 26 degrees outside! So we've clearly got a long way to go before the planet really gets cooked.

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  1. The only thing repugnicons care about is Trickle Down economics. Like an anti-Robin Hood, they give to the rich and provide consternation to the poor. They promote SUVs to single drivers in LA, so that the oil rich families get more money. To do it they spread sophistry high and wide, and use any method available to destroy America.
    Climate change is real.