Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm convinced all experts are stupid

Remember those assholes who said the dot com bubble would never burst?


And those dicks who said we needed to fight a war in Iraq to protect us from weapons of mass destruction?


And how about those douchebags who claimed the run on real estate would go on forever?


You would think after years and years of completely failing the American people, experts would finally have learned to shut the fuck up.

But no.

Every day you read more 'insight' from people who claim to have knowledge us ordinary folks don't possess.

The job market is on the way back.

Things are really turning around in Afghanastan.

The deficit needs to be cut or we will all die under mountains of Chinese debt.


Exactly what part of "I don't fucking believe a word you say anymore" don't you understand? Credibility needs to be earned. I'd just as soon believe the homeless guy who tells me to watch out for goblins every morning. At least he's consistent.

Over the years, experts have told us smoking is good for you, wait, no, smoking is bad for you. A suntan is healthy. Scratch that, a sun tan will kill you. Milk is awesome. No, actually, milk is poison. Wine will destroy you. Woops! Turns out wine will make you live forever! My bad.

Now, it's entirely possible that the 'experts' could be right on some of their latest prognostications.

But until I see a goblin sitting next to me on the E train, I won't be holding my breath.

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