Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who represents most of us?

There is no shortage of issue-oriented talk on cable TV these days. But lost in all the blabber is the real problem with American politics.

Nobody represents actual people anymore.

Our so called leaders of both parties spend all day putting on a show, creating theater instead of useful policy.

Democrats pretend to be for the little guy, insisting on only cutting a few billion dollars from the budget instead of 60 billion.

Republicans pretend to fight for freedom, actively pushing for the elimination of anything that even smells of government activism.

What does that do for you and me? Zip.

Unemployment is still ridiculously high. The housing market is still broken beyond repair. And we are still putting American lives at risk overseas for objectives that are clear to no one.

And yet, Americans don't seem all that upset about it.

We are more concerned with who wins Idol or who's on the bubble for the NCAA tournament. And I don't blame anyone for feeling that way.


Because our media is a fucking joke. They are the puppet masters in this horrific Broadway production we like to call politics. They control the message. They feed us the garbage that keeps us docile. They keep the money machine rolling so our elected officials can keep their jobs year after year after year.

We don't get real news from anyone anymore. CNN. FOX. MSNBC. They're all the same. Sure, they may play different roles, but they are all appearing on the same stage in the same absurd, pathetic performance.

They show us other countries battling for their freedom and we think, "aren't we lucky that we have it so good?'"

Well, that's pretty much how those in power want you to feel. So, you know, mission accomplished.

It makes it easier for us to accept the fact that the top 1% of our country is sucking every last drop of wealth out of our collective asses.

It makes it easier to accept that our civil liberties are being stripped away faster than a coked up dancer yanks off her thong during the lunchtime show at Club Vajajay.

And it makes it easier to accept that our votes will continue to mean nothing as long as they are bought and paid for by the cabal of billionaires running our nation.

But enough of this depressing shit. It's Idol night tonight! Let's go Pia!

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  1. I am not one of those people! I watch Survivor. And where is Club Vajajay? 10 years working in NYC and i missed that one.