Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is your chance, Corporate America

Time to open up the wallets.

You just got everything you've been crying for. The big bad government has taken it's ball and run on home. Time for you and your buddies to come out and play.

Time to take that cash you've been stockpiling in the back room and throw it around a bit.

Start making some shit and selling some shit. Start hiring people to make the shit so they can afford to buy the shit.

Start innovating. Start researching. Start marketing. Start fixing.

Start doing all of the shit you've been saying government sucks at.

Start investing in health care and making sure every American has access.

Start supporting infrastructure improvements to our roads, bridges, electrical grid and telcom networks.

Start providing our aging population with opportunities to provide for a secure retirement.

Start making sure the products you build don't poison our drinking water, overheat our atmosphere or contaminate the air we breathe.

Start making sure our financial system acts in the best interests of both business and consumers.

Start acting like a true free market disciple and disclosing the money you give to political campaigns.

And most importantly, start behaving in a way that gives Americans hope that our system is not hopelessly broken beyond repair.

Can you do all of that? If you can, I'll happily vote Republican in every election from here on out.

Are you up for the challenge?

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