Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homophobia is so gay

seriously. there is nothing gayer than seeing a grown man squirming in his seat at the mere sight of a homosexual. 

it's as if they are afraid that said homo is going to lunge for their penis at any moment. it's all quite humorous to me. first of all, get over yourself. second of all, wake the fuck up. are we ever going to get to a point where we just accept people as people, in all of there shapes, sizes, colors and genital preferences? 

i just don't get it. why do you care who someone likes to have sex with? and why are you so worried that you are going to get hit on by a gay person? is it really that different than being hit on by a straight person that you're not interested in? you don't want to sleep with either of them, so what's the big deal? a simple no thanks usually does the trick in either case. 

in recent years, the big push has been to make sure that gays can't marry like everyone else. members of congress will rant for hours about the 'sanctity of marriage' in an effort to keep gays out of the club. 

really? is that the best you can come up with? are you going to follow that argument up with the old 'God didn't create adam & steve' line? it's ridiculous. 

first of all, why are you using a word like 'sanctity' to describe a state sponsored institution like marriage? seems to be crossing the old separation of church and state line, if you ask me. i mean, we're not talking about banning gay marriage in a church, we're talking about making it illegal in the eyes of the government. so keep your 'sanctiomonious' arguments out of it.

secondly, it's time to stop the denial and just spit it out already—you're afraid of gay people. you think they are going to swoop into your neighborhood, redecorate your houses, teach you how to dance and then put their penises in your mouths. 

well, your house probably could use some updating, you most likely can't dance and i'm all for sticking anything in your mouth that will get you to shut the fuck up for a few minutes. so i say, welcome homosexuals into your lives and we'll all be better off.

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