Thursday, November 18, 2010

The pussification of business

I've been reading a lot about how business leaders in this country are afraid to start hiring because of economic 'uncertainty'. If only they had a clearer sense of how the next few years were going to play out, then they could finally put our country back to work.

Hmm. Can someone please pinpoint for me exactly when the folks who run businesses in this country became a bunch of raging pussies?

Uncertainty? Really? When the fuck have things in this country ever been certain? In the past 150 years we've been through a civil war, two world wars with a great depression sandwiched in between, a long drawn out conflict in South Asia, the cold war, 9/11 and the near collapse of our financial markets. Yet through it all, business people found a way to persevere. In fact, typically, business has thrived in this country when faced with an uncertain future. Our entrepreneurial spirit usually kicks into high gear when the going gets especially rough.

But not this time, apparently. Now, after our government has shelled out over a trillion dollars to keep our economy from complete collapse, business leaders have never seemed more despondent.

But my taxes might go up! They want us to follow rules! The president called me names!

Ahh, so there it is. It's not uncertainty that you don't like, it's the fact that you are going to have to change your ways and adapt to a new reality that holds businesses accountable for their actions. You don't want certainty, unless it's your own particular brand of certainty.

Fucking pussies.

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