Friday, July 22, 2011

Down with America!

If Al Qaeda threatened to bring down the entire US economy, it would surely be called a terrorist act.

So how come it's not when Republicans do the same thing?

Congressional Repubs, led by the Tea Party dipshits, are trying to cram their extreme anti-government agenda down the nation's throat by gleefully holding out the threat of a federal government default as the alternative.

The most extreme house members seem to relish the idea of a mortally wounded Uncle Sam. Not only are they unfazed by the prospect of a total economic collapse that will almost surely lead us into a depression, they are actually rooting for for it. "That'll teach those commies to mess with us!"

Someone needs to call these so-called patriots what they really are--terrorists. Any politician who even hints at the notion that they would be willing to let our government default on it's debts should be immediately arrested and charged with treason.

This is not a fucking joke. Lives are at stake here. People will actually die if we go into a depression. Children will starve. Old people will be denied medical care.

But hey, it makes for great political theater, so who cares if a few thousand folks have to perish in the process?

God bless America.

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