Friday, July 8, 2011

Everything is political

Politics is such a drag, right? What's the point and stuff? I mean, like, how does it affect me?

Well, that home you live in? Politics helped determine how much it costs and how well it needed to be built.

The car you drive to work every day? Politics helped determine the safety standards, it's fuel efficiency and it's price.

Those roads you drove on to get to your workplace? Politics helped fund them. Politics set the speed limit. Politics determined the type of blacktop used.

Your job? Politics influenced it's very existence. The right or wrong policy decision can have huge impacts on where and how we work.

The doctor you go to when you get sick and miss work? Politics helped shape his practice. How much time he takes, how he treats you, the diagnostic tools he chooses, the medicine he prescribes. All of it was shaped by the political process.

The foods you eat, the entertainment you enjoy, the trips you take, the beer you drink, the clothes you wear, the water you swim in, the mall you shop at, the babies you choose to have or not have, the person you want to spend your life with. Every last thing you do, right down to the very air you breathe, is influenced by politics.

But, like, hey, you know, politics is just like sooooo boring and stuff. So, whatever.

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