Thursday, July 28, 2011

We did this

It's so easy to blame the tea party for the shitstorm currently blanketing our country.

As a group, they are ignorant beyond belief. They are woefully misinformed about our history. And they have mistakenly managed to equate liberty with their obsessively self-centered ideology.

Yet they have managed to bully their way into the mainstream of US politics.

But you know who I blame for that? Liberals.

All it took was a few moderate proposals from Obama (healthcare, the continuation of TARP) to get the tea parties knickers in a twist.

Meanwhile, we have seen them spend the last two years spewing their self-absorbed, racially-tinged, extreme anti-government nonsense and we haven't done shit in response.

Where's the outrage? Where are the impromptu rallies and fired-up town hall meetings? Why aren't Democrats in congress as afraid of us as their Republican colleagues are of the tea baggers?

When the Democratic head of the Senate feels comfortable proposing a debt reduction plan that Ronald Reagan would have called extreme, that's our fault.

When liberals in the house can't get a single mainstream media outlet to talk about their more progressive debt plan, that's our fault.

And when the president allows his opponents to completely dominate the debate and shift attention away from the issues that really matter like jobs and excessive corporate influence, that, once again, is completely our fault.

The tea party claims that our nation's values are under attack. They are right. They just don't realize they are the ones doing the attacking.

Why aren't we fighting back?

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