Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anybody want to drive this thing?

The Republicans are holding another debate tonight.

Obama's giving his jobs speech tomorrow night.

And you probably don't give a shit about either.

Hey, I don't blame you. If the past three years have taught us anything, it's that we have no reason to have faith in any of our leaders.

Our country remains mired in a near-depression.

The housing market shows no signs of life.

Our long term debt issues get lip service but no solutions.

Our financial institutions continue to act with reckless abandon.

Our military remains bogged down in questionable conflicts.

Our corporations keep buying influence in the form of political contributions.

Our schools continue to under-educate and over-test our youth.

Our churches keep pushing their political agenda without paying a dime in taxes.

And worst of all, our media continues its role as puppeteer, maximizing the drama while making sure the storyline never veers into the realm of actual news.

So, instead of honest debate, we are treated to round after round of political theater. Obama plays the hapless compromiser while Tea Party loyalists play the unflinching rogues.

And the people lap it up, choosing sides, stuffing their faces and enjoying the show.

Meanwhile, America burns.

Hey, at least football starts Thursday night. Right?

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