Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Donny Boy

I love Donald Trump.

He's brash, bold and lately, a little bit bonkers. Which makes for great entertainment.

But now he's scaring me. Because I think he really wants to be president.

C'mon Donny, you don't really think you're qualified for this shit do you? Yes, you've made a shitload of money. And yes, you attended some good schools.

But you do realize you're a clown, don't you? People like you because you are someone they can laugh at, not admire. You have a catch phrase for fuck's sake.

Hell, your hair alone should disqualify you for office.

But if it doesn't, the fact that you continue to support the "birther" conspiracy about our president absolutely should.

We expect this from the other GOP candidates. Shit, their collective SAT scores wouldn't get them into a decent pre-school, let alone the fine institutions you so proudly boast of attending.

But if you're going to tout your brain as one your qualifications for higher office, you have to show some proof that you actually know how to use it.

Which means this birther nonsense has to stop. You can't possibly believe that Obama wasn't born in the US. The evidence is overwhelming. And you have to be aware that the whole damn conspiracy is a tea party ruse to appease their racist membership.

So just drop it already. Unless you're content to continue to play the clown.

In which case, I say keep the crazy coming. Because you do it so damn well.

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