Friday, April 1, 2011

The race to the bottom.

Economist Paul Krugman wrote an excellent piece for the New York Times yesterday that explains the current Republican economic strategy. Essentially, they want everyone takes a collective pay cut so that companies can hire more people without spending more money.

Krugman goes into some pretty detailed economic mumbo jumbo that I won't go into here. But I will sum up his basic point for everyone:

The Republicans are fucking insane!

This is what America voted for back in November? A collective economic circumcision? C'mon everyone throw your foreskin into a big pile so we can make penises for everyone!

Not to mix my genital metaphors, but wow, that takes balls.

Now, if corporations were really struggling, I think we might all be able to join together and take one for the team. But corporate profits are at an all time high. And now they want more? At our expense? Didn't you just take off the condom from the last time you fucked us? Wow, big boy, you're ready to go again so soon? Damn.

Instead of reinserting your corporate cocks into our collectively sore asses, why don't you open up that overstuffed vault of yours and start creating a few fucking jobs? I realize you are perfectly content selling your shit overseas and counting the money back here in the good ol' USA, but wouldn't you like a few home grown customers too? You know how much we love to buy shit in this country. Imagine how much more of it we'd do if we actually had a little cash?

It's just a thought. I realize you will continue to do whatever the hell you want, since you are the ones in control of this country.

Just one simple request. Be gentle.

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