Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Put 'em on the table

One thing I've always admired about republicans is the size of their balls.

Big, tax-cut loving, government hating, god-fearing, war-mongering, stick it to the poor while jerking off the rich, balls.

And man, they've gone and whipped those suckers out again. And they are bigger than ever.

Congressman Paul Ryan recently released the GOP's blueprint for the federal budget. And damn if he didn't go and do exactly what the tea party campaigned on.

This budget is a radical departure from the status quo. It privatizes Medicare. It squeezes the hell out of Medicaid. It guts the tax code, eliminating most deductions. And it shrinks government to levels we haven't seen in years.

Now, I disagree with a lot of Ryan's proposals. It puts way too much of the burden on lower income people. And it removes government from roles I think are critical. But I have to say, I admire the shit out of this budget nonetheless.

Why? Because it is honest. The tea party campaigned on the idea of smaller government (except defense, of course) and now they are giving us a budget that reflects their beliefs.

It may fly in the face of most of their membership's economic self interest, but ideologically, it suits them to a tee.

It will eliminate health care benefits for many members, but it will get the government off their backs.

It will sap their savings accounts when they hit retirement, but it will keep taxes low for their theoretical millionaire friends.

It will put a college education out of reach for many, but it will relieve large corporations of burdensome regulations.

It is a true conservative manifesto. And I for one, thank Ryan for bringing it to light.

Now, it is the democrats' turn. Will Obama and the congressional leadership stand up for progressive principles like fairness, opportunity and shared propserity? Or will they do what they usually do, and present a watered down version of the Republican plan.

This is Obama's last real chance to show what he's made of before the election cycle heats up.

I never thought I'd say this, but man, I hope we finally get to see his balls.

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