Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's time for a third opinion

You're sick. Sluggish. Can't seem to get yourself moving. You are weaker than you've ever felt before. But you somehow drag yourself to the doctor.

He tells you to stop eating because you're going to be fat in 10 years.

You're confused. But what about now? If you don't eat, won't you just get weaker?

"No", says the doc. "Your stomach is very uneasy about the upcoming fatness. This uncertainty is draining your energy. If you just get the damn food out of the way, you will be on a path to recovery soon."

You walk out of his office, confused and still feeling terrible. After pondering the first doctor's suggestion for a while, you realize you should get a second opinion. So you shuffle down the street to the other top guy in town.

He tells you to stop eating because he heard that's what the other doctor said. But because this doctor likes to think of himself as the more 'caring' of the two, he tells you to taper your food off a bit more gradually. But you still ultimately need to starve yourself, of course.

Now you are really dejected. Can these guys be right? Should you really stop eating? It sounds crazy, but these guys are supposed to be the best.

You ask a friend if she knows of any other good doctors. She says, "I know of a couple of others, but they have some wacky ideas about how to practice medicine. Plus, they're kind of a waste since they're not covered by insurance."

You decide to stop thinking about it and just do what the two doctors say. You mosey on home, fall into the couch and listen the the growing rumble of your empty belly.

How much better would your life be if there was a viable alternative to the two doctors in town? No one can know for sure. But could it be any worse?

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