Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lack of adult supervision plagues Republican party

The kids are not alright. They've gotten out of control.

Republicans keep spitting out dumber and dumber shit. But no one is calling them out on it.

So who can blame them for keeping it up?

When a 5 year old craps his pants and his parents don't let him know he shouldn't be doing that, he keeps crapping his pants. Why the hell not! Mom and dad don't care! And it's fun!

So when Sara Palin said she could see Russia from her house and McCain did not stuff her into a cannon right then and there and shoot her back to Wasilla, she kept at it.

When Newt Gingrich called Obama a socialist, colonialist Kenyan and he didn't instantly get smacked across his fat, pasty face, he was encouraged to keep it coming.

When Michelle Bachmann said that homosexuality was the greatest threat our nation faced and she wasn't hog-tied on the spot and flown to LA so the entire cast of Glee could bitch slap her repeatedly, she felt affirmed and kept taking her bat shit pills.

So it was no surprise this week, when the GOP held its presidential 'debate', that the kiddies went on a stupidity binge. Let's lower the corporate tax rate to 25%! No, make it 15%! Screw you, commie, I say let's go to 9%! And let's raise taxes on poor people while we're at it!

And, so it went, until the so-called moderate Mitt Romney decided to bring the unrestrained dipshittery to a whole new level, saying that providing federal assistance to victims of natural disasters was immoral. When he was not immediately hurled into shark infested waters with a t-bone stapled to his scrotum, he left that debate emboldened, wondering how he can come up with even crazier crap to spew at the next GOP blabberfest.

Where are the adults? It used to be the republicans had some voices of reason to counter the nutballs.

Used to be, democrats also had a couple of folks with the balls to stand up for what they believe in.

Now? We are left with the kids running the kindergarten. The teachers as are gone, the principal is MIA and the parents have thrown in the towel.

I am begging the adults to please come back. The kids need you. Your country needs you.

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