Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Penis Mightier

In today's news, the latest jobs report was a huge disappointment.

Holy shit did you see that congressman's cock!?!

Companies created just 38000 new jobs, much less than expected.

Cock! Cock! Cock!

Economists fear we are in danger of dipping back into a recession.

Holy shit the guy's name is Weiner! As in cock!

Meanwhile, congress is playing games with American lives, arguing over a manufactured debt crisis.

Weiner! Weiner! Weiner! Weiner! Cock! Cock! Cock!

Leaving millions of


unemployed workers


in danger of losing everything

Weiner! Weiner!

they've ever worked for.

Cock! Cock!

The situation

Weiner! Weiner! Weiner!


Cock! Cock! Cockity cock cock!



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