Thursday, December 16, 2010

Douche(s) of the day

This one is a few days late but still has me fired up. The following douchebags are the members of the Senate who voted against providing health care benefits to 9/11 responders and survivors.

I would love to get all of these fucknuggets into a room so they can try and explain exactly why they voted no. Not because I want to hear their lame excuses, but because it would ensure their mouths are open long enough for me to piss down their throats.

And now, with out further ado, your daily douchebags.

Lamar Alexander (R) TN
John Barrasso (R) WY
Robert Bennett (R) UT
Christopher Bond (R) MO
Scott Brown (R) MA
Jim Bunning (R) KY
Richard Burr (R) NC
Saxby Chambliss (R) NC
Thomas Coburn (R) GA
Thad Cochran (R) MS
Susan Collins (R) ME
Bob Corker (R) TN
John Cornyn (R) TX
Michael Crapo (R) ID
Jim DeMint (R) SC
John Ensign (R) NV
Michael Enzi (R) WY
Lindsey Graham (R) SC
Charles Grassley (R) IA
Judd Gregg (R) NH
Orrin Hatch (R) UT
Kay Hutchinson (R) TX
James Inhofe (R) OK
John Isakson (R) GA
Mike Johanns (R) NE
Mark Kirk (R) IL
Jon Kyl (R) AZ
George LeMieux (R) FL
Richard Lugar (R) IN
John McCain (R) AZ
Mitch McConnell (R) KY
Lisa Murkowski (R) AK
James Risch (R) ID
Pat Roberts (R) KS
Jefferson Sessions (R) AL
Richard Shelby (R) AL
Olympia Snowe (R) ME
John Thune (R) SD
David Vitter (R) LA
George Voinovich (R) OH
Roger Wicker (R) MS

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