Monday, May 9, 2011

Just because you say it with sneer, doesn't mean it's bad

Wealth redistribution. Fuck. Tax and spend. Dickhead. Liberal. Pussy. Socialism. Douchebag. The government. Cunt. Welfare. Cocksucker. Regulation. Assnugget.

Some of these words are 'bad' words. Some aren't. Can you tell the difference?

Allow me to help.

"Wealth redistribution" is what happens when any government takes in money in the form of taxes or fees. It's called 'redistribution' because those governments typically don't take that money and turn around and give it right back to you. Generally speaking, they 'redistribute' that money to other people and projects that are deemed worthy through the legislative process.

"Fuck" is a slang term for sexual intercourse and is generally considered impolite in mixed company. The word, that is. Fucking in mixed company is perfectly okay, if you're into that sort of thing.

"Tax and Spend" is another thing that every single government does. They 'tax' people and business to obtain money that they can 'spend' on the military, infrastructure, healthcare, etc. It is not possible for a society to survive without taxing and spending. And last I checked, survival was considered a good thing. Just ask Ted Nugent.

"Dickhead" is a slang term for a guy (or girl) who is acting in an in appropriate manner. Let me use it a sentence. "Donald Trump is a dickhead."

"Liberal" is a word used to describe those who favor reform, are open to new ideas for progress, and are tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others. Assholes.

"Pussy" is a slang term for vagina. The vagina is a part of the female reproductive system. You know, the thing that most 'freedom-loving' conservatives want the government to take control of.

"Socialism" is an economic system based on state ownership of capital. It can be argued that this is not the optimal way maximize economic output. It cannot be argued that Socialism will lead to Obama eating your children and killing your grandparents, despite what Fox News may say.

"Douchebag" is a slang word for someone who acts in a reprehensible manner. It's like 'dickhead', but slimier. Allow me to use it in a sentence. "Donald Trump is a douchebag as well as a dickhead."

"The government" is a term used to describe any number of entities, set up by nations to enforce laws, encourage economic production and provide for the general welfare of its people. Our government, in particular, is made up of elected representatives, so it is a direct reflection of our values and ambitions. To hate it is to hate oneself.

"Cunt" is the ultimate 'bad' word. So bad that I probably just offended half of the population by even mentioning it.

Welfare is a word that means health, happiness, and good fortune. It's used in the first sentence of the constitution, so I would assume most right-wingers would find it unobjectionable.

Cocksucker is a slang term for someone who acts in a horrible manner. It's similar to douchebag, but with more implied malice. Allow me to use it in a sentence. "Donald Trump is a cocksucker; in addition to being a douchebag and a dickhead."

"Regulation" is term used to describe a set of laws and policies that help 'regulate' the marketplace to ensure that it operates in a beneficial manner for all citizens. Beneficial, as in good. Which was the opposite of bad, last I checked.

I'm not exactly sure what "assnugget" means, but it's fucking funny. And I'm pretty sure Donald Trump is one.

This concludes today's vocabulary lesson. For our next lesson, we will turn our attention to 'good' words like sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and automatic weapons.

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