Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Republican on Republican crime

Rick Santorum wonders what the fuck John McCain knows about torture.

And the rest of the GOP is aghast that Newt Gingrich has gone off-script and developed a soft spot for sick old people.

And I can't help but laugh my ass off.

Seriously, Ricky? McCain? Torture? You're really gonna go there? Ah yes, what in the world could being stuck in a filthy hole for five years, suffering through unspeakable acts and refusing to be rescued unless all of your compatriots go with you, teach you about torture?

Meanwhile, back in the homeland, the posterboy for "enhanced interrogation techniques" Dick Cheney was piling up draft deferments and rehabbing his image after an earlier DWI conviction.

I don't agree with almost anything John McCain stands for, but for a dunce like you to claim to have a greater understanding of anything, let alone torture, is just too fucking funny for words.

And then there's our boy Newt. Poor guy. He has one little brain fart where he criticizes a plan to let a bunch of old people go without health insurance and the entire Republican party cries "traitor".

The man has called Obama a Kenyan Colonialist, food-stamp lovin', socialist, out-of-touch, constitution hatin' threat to our basic way of life. One little slip-up and suddenly all of that good stuff just never happened?

C'mon GOP, you're letting me down here. You guys are the ones who are supposed to be united. You stick to the script. You toe the line.

Now you're acting like a bunch of Democrats and tearing each other down?

If it weren't so damn funny, it'd all be kind of sad.

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